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Change of location/Lateral entry – Assignment to a later term of the programme

Please note the current information of the examination office:

"New study structures (PO 2021) will be introduced in the winter semester 2021/22. As a consequence, a start of studies - also in a higher subject semester - is only possible in the Bachelor and Master examination regulations of PO 2021. According to the current status, no enrollments in a higher subject semester will take place in WS 2021/22. Therefore, until a possible change of this state of affairs, no certificates for a change of location or a lateral entry will be issued by the examination office. According to the current status, prospective students must therefore apply for the first semester in any case. Please also note that the courses offered in the new degree programs will only be released successively and therefore not all modules of the higher semesters will be offered in winter semester 21/22."


The procedure of these kind of applications is equivalent to the procedure of final-crediting applications.